Posted by: charanik | June 20, 2008

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog where I  publish my travelogues.


I am simple guy who loves travelling and trekking and loves to put his experience in black & white. I am also a travel writer and have 07 published books in my mother tongue (Bengali).

And now to show the world the pleasure of travelling.



  1. Wow what a out-of-this world tour u had. Thanks a toone for sharing it with me and all such readers of this group like me thru ur blogs. It was next best thing to actually being there with u. Thanks for letting me see thru ur eyes!

  2. Thanks Chinmoyda. But I am waiting for the enchanting real story of Om Parvat & Adi(Chota) Kailash that you briefed us in the evening at Matha FRH few years back.

  3. What illuminating accounts–sorry travelogues Chinmoy
    A window has opened by chance giving me the insight into
    unknown Eastern BEAUTY
    I was really thrilled
    Anyone loving Himalayas–nature will surely feel the same.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Welcome.

  5. you made india Incredible!!!

    thanks for all.. hope we will meet some day..

    sandeep bhatt
    Distric- Chamoli

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